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Kenzo Flower

Kenzo Flower

For Woman
by Kenzo



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Kenzo Flower by Kenzo for Women is a distinctive Eau de Parfum that encapsulates the essence of the scentless poppy flower. Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this iconic fragrance by KENZO is unexpectedly enchanting, blossoming where one least expects it. Its unique signature is a harmonious blend of floral and vanilla notes, creating a musky, sweet, balsamic, and woody aroma that lingers throughout the day. The scent is as unpredictable and captivating as the poppy itself, embodying an unparalleled olfactory experience. Its floral quality is highlighted by notes of rose, while the infusion of vanilla adds a comforting warmth to the blend. The balance of these notes results in a fragrance that is as complex and multifaceted as the women who wear it. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo for Women is a testament to KENZO's innovative approach to fragrance, transforming the scentless poppy into an enduring symbol of urban femininity.