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Versace Atelier Collection Eclat De Rose

Versace Atelier Collection Eclat De Rose

For Man/Woman
by Versace



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The Versace Atelier Collection Eclat De Rose is a captivating fragrance designed for both men and women. It exudes timeless elegance and alluring charm. This enchanting scent opens with a burst of fresh and vibrant notes that awaken the senses. As it develops, a bouquet of delicate and luxurious floral notes, including roses and peonies, takes center stage, creating an aura of romance and sophistication.

The heart of this fragrance reveals a harmonious blend of soft and woody accords, adding depth and character to the composition. This fusion of warm and subtle notes enriches the overall olfactory experience. As the scent lingers, a rich and sensual base emerges, leaving a lasting impression of refinement and allure.

Versace Atelier Collection Eclat De Rose is a fragrance that transcends gender boundaries, making it a versatile choice for anyone seeking a fragrance that embodies grace and charm. Whether worn during the day or in the evening, this scent is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of timeless elegance in their everyday lives. It's a scent that celebrates the beauty of roses and the complexity of fine craftsmanship, making it a memorable addition to your fragrance collection.